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Some crepitation caught at left base. 'J\B. (?). Blank in medical

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The distribution follows the national trend with the

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to provide services for the patient. Address: DHSS, 1 W Wilson St, PO Box 309, Madison, Wl 53701.

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with the optic lobes ; and the rhineiikaphahn, consisting of the olfactory

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Laboratory and office facilities for the Department are provided in the University's

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been a faithful helpmeet to him during the years of his infir-

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AGALA'CTIA (dyaXn.Ti'a, from a, pnv., and yaXa, milk).

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(ammoniacal) properties are becoming developed. The term is generally

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11th November, and the deaths from all causes in these weeks

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LOUS NESS. Mafe pedicrdi. An affection in which the cuticle

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Over Age 70: Member in active practice who is over 70 years

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in the cranium. The term decussation of the anterior pyramids -l^

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