Yohimbe Bark Uses

bodies in other parts. A shadowgraph catheter is passed into the ureter in the

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associated with varicosities has shown mixed results.

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GLA'NDULAR (glandula, a little gland). Covered with glanduli-

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6B. Clinical Course at the Central Free Dispensary. — Topic: Diabetes. Limited to

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preparation, in which different ingredients are mingled together in the

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potter's earth ; the earth of clay, called in chemistry alumina, from'its

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The routine treatment of syphilis carried out at Spike

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Faraday to be that described by a very smiill magnetic needle,

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III Symp-vthetic Nerves. These consist of a collection ot gan-

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sit for long at first. As he advances farther to the stage of cieeping

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