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Greenberg, Samuel Irving, s, a, w, Brooklyn, N.Y. A.B. (George Washington U.) '32.

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tion of library books by burning, restrictions on occu-

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ever there is a reasonable chance of recovering and

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operate most cordially in the future, arises from the proposal to

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arrangements and delivery patterns; shall facilitate understanding

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idea of such direct interposition slowly died out, it came equally

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Division of the Biological Sciences, and (b) Rush Medical College.

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present the aspect of a very minute mushroom, having a small

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years were treated with this method for four months

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mesenteric artery formed xi very well-marked cord lying over

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pleted payment. You are urged to renew your membership.

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7. Gastr-algia (aXyoi, pain). Pain of the stomach. The tei-m is

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digestion, absorption, assimilation, reabsorptlon, expulsion, &c.

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tion amount to nothing more than directives for the

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additional TTniversity Courses in Physics and Botany. In view

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5. To determine the origin of the so-called " rheumatic

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Case II.— Pte. H. D. On 19th August, 1917, a piece of metal

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year graduate of family practice to be associated with Board

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of their “deeper psychological problems.” He goes

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))hurous acid becoming sulphuric acid, and peroxide of nitrogen being

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of renal calculus. Examination of the bladder showed a little

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humeri; suh-acromio-hmncralis. The deltoid or triangular muscle

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FIBROIN. The name given by Mulder to the nitrogenous substance

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additive effect may occur if alcohol is consumed the

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in workable condition, reasonable. Let us move it for you.

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those chemical actions in which a given compound is caused, by the

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2. Liquor chorii. A gelatinous fluid which separates the inner sur-

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expressive ot the methods which have been employed for determining

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HORN-SILVER. Lunacm-nm. The chloride of silver ; the term

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munity of 14,000 (30,000) service area, located 20 minutes from

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