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7. Canal, of Si/lriiis. Aqueduct of Sylvius, or the iter a tertio ad

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g. Make an annual report to the House of Delegates.

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skeletal abnormalities. In the perinatal/postnatal studies, there was

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tion to the chorda; t^^'ll^'^^-pTTRT AINS Terms introduced by Mr.

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merely, but exercise a powerful influence over the organism, as mag-

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of aluminum. It occurs nearly in a pure state in the sapphire and the

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or ataxia Consider potential additive effects with other

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substance of the body, which have been detached and carried, directly

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11. Lincoln EM, Gilbert LA: Disease in children due to mycobacteria

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scientific subjects of the scope or up to the standard required

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tlie cerebrum merely may be in a state of defective development or

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neglected, but would proceed with them with the least possible

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• increase the jurisdiction of informal panels from

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MAHWAH ARRACK. A liqueur made in India from the flowers

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Merritt P. Sarles, Sc.D., Research Associate in Parasitology.

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author is not likely to be responsible, and that is the size of

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Medicine. Among the subjects to be discussed are hygiene, physiotherapy, medical

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required '° ^''^"''^ determines the specific gravity

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able, De Paul Rehabilitation Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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LAU'DANUM. The Tinctura Opii of the pharmacopoeias. Nine-

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BA'TTERY, GALVANIC. A combination of several nairs ot

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For all the details on how you can stay FREE for three days

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The R.ev. Professor Keid seconded the adoption of the report,

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first year of medical training, and the Principal had then

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(1.) Madeira, the mean annual temperature of which is only about

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being punished, and the only change ever noticeable in her

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Broadbent, Leroy Verl, a, w, sp, Salt Lake City, Utah. A.B. (U. of Utah) '31.

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liernia Hernia at, or near, the umbilicus. /-> ;,7,„7,„„

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you think him looking well ?" " Yes, Ena looks out of his very

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essential gravit}^ of tlie case arises from tlie toxaemia and not

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was to provide £20,000 for each Chair— £60,000 in all. The

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This account bore out most of the statements made by the

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of Health and on other important problems of medical recon-

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