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cases, which are quiescent, need a little work, to keep them happy.

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a personal observation of the phenomena, the connection is by no means

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he prescribes. One of the definitions of 'attend' (Latin, at-

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after this hemorrhage Dr. Hartwig saw the patient with me.

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wore itself out." This was an insufficiency of the external recti muscles

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brief summaries of eight cases already reported by others, making his

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The urine may contain albumin even in light cases. Vertigo, ringing in the

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In a case recently reported by Borsari, a patient afflicted with irregular

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Lupus adenopathies are somewhat rare; they develop or are located in the

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irritation by the food. Odynphagia is not so frequent a symptom.

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will turn out carefully trained and well equipped masseurs, it will

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should the necessity arise, does his patient a grave injustice ; and

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followed by irregular, spasmodic movements of all his limbs," I cannot

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That means (1) one vote for each member, (2) elections by the

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after the acute stage of the infection has passed, such organisms

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important part of the diet for one year. Large meals should be avoided

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sicians of Santa Clara Valley, California, and are self-explanatory.

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