Vitex Fabrics

variously named ac(-ording to their shape, direction, and use.
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„.t 7rAa<r<T(^, to forpi). The operation for forming a
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purchased at the University of Chicago Bookstore in Ellis Hall, (c) A fee of $10 is
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a limited number. In medical teaching there must be the
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2. Hygro-meter {fxi-rpov, a measure). An instrument for ascertain-
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DECEMBER 1, 1984: Wisconsin Chapter, American College
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HOUSE/SENATE COMMITTEE ENDORSES MEDICARE FREEZE. Physicians’ reimbursement and charges
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INDIFFKRKNT. A term applied in chemistry to an oxide which
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caloric of water is 23 times as great as that of mercurv ; thus, if equal
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from its reputed property of arresting liaimorrhage, or from its colour;
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architecture are depleted of their entire staffs, but the courses at
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In cases in which no institution is named, it is understood to mean that the student began his college
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by Johanessen^ (1895), who found that the same phenomena
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week in May it rose to 70*5, in Leeds to 485, in Bradford to
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of its recurrence is to be found in the fact that though there is
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DUTCH LIQUID. Chloride of olcjiant gas. Chloric ether ;
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Doehring, Paul Christoph, Jr., a, w, sp, Houston, Tex. A.B. (Rice Inst.) '31.
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would yield a good crop. If this plant were adopted by a
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trician and health commissioner, died May 2, 1984 in Marietta,
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affords the best climate of the Atlantic Islands for consumptive cases;
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sponsible for Editorials. The Managing Editor is responsible
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in the R.A.M.C, eight had been engaged in hospital work
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Randolph Olmsted, M.D., Clinical Associate in Surgery (Oral).
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solid bony skeleton ; one of the three grand primary divisions, or
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Vice President: Mrs Charles Longstreth, Route 1, Box 163J,
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back to review what state legislators did in the 1920s
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tient for whom he or she is unable to effect a sig-

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