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[CYRTO'SIS] KYRTOSIS («i,p-ro9, curved). A term denoting,

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BRO'MURET. A combination of the bromic acid with iodine,

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of the synovial secretion, and (-ailed tlieni glandula mucila(,inos<E.

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ing in single and multiple specialty group practices

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ammonium carbonate glucose broth respectively. The trj^psin

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detached from their organs, as the arachnoid, the omentum, &c. In

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stages. The members of the trional group are all too depressant, <»'

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include continuing medical education, peer review, legislation, community health education, scientific affairs, socio-

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ment without consent is actionable and is the easiest

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11 YPER-OSTO'SIS (uirf>, in excess, oaTtov^a. bone). Enlarge-

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