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protection given to horses, asses, and mules under the Cruelty

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MacAlister, K.C.B. ; vice-chairmen — the presidents of the Royal

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HEARING LOSS in Wisconsin, Occupational noise-induced

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fication to fit your individual needs. Election to membership

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sation, or second sight, connected with somna'iilulism, and supposed to

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as when Ihe anther is attached by its base to the ape.x of the filament.

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\4. Akro-thyminn (Su/xos or Ounov, thvme). A conical, rugated,

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which is to secrete the bile. It is divided into three lobes viz the

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herty, MD, Neenah, President, State Medical Society,

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In the unaftected parts of his fields colour vision is normal.

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upon the surface of which floats a sheet of water proof India-rubber

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of the clove, crowned superiorly by the teeth of the calyx, with the

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I KING'S YELLOW. A paint, of which the colouring principle is

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with some regularity from country to country, and even from

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namically, the predominant lesion in adults is tri-

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assure availability, access and quality of care; standards, guidelines

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ostracised public opinion, but the communit}^ would not suffer

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the Edgar Clinic as a satellite facility. Doctor Roush

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part) A term applied to compounds in which the ultimate elements

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physical signs are pyuria, haematuria, a cr3^stallinc deposit, an

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most logical match of hardware, software and services. ATA is

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mosphere, hard work and time off. Salary negotiable. Eventual

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ings), hypotension (systolic pressure <90 mm Hg) or cardiogenic

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Clay G Huff, Sc.D., Assistant Professor of Parasitology.

what is virility ex pills— a symptom of the plague — or scrofulous swellings of the

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people suffered disabling injuries in 1982 at an esti-

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RetPed: Member who has completely retired from practice

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employed. [A mordant was supposed to seize the fibres of the body

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BUTYRIC ACID. An oily, limpid liquid, one of the volatile acids

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