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ADIPO'SIS {adeps, adipis, fat). Excessive deposition, or hyper-
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potential jeopardy for the quality, or lack of quality,
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across from hospital. Send CV to: O M Francisco, MD, 221 E
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staff at this hospital, and thus the case hardly stands
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GLYCOCHO'LIC ACID (vXuk-iJs, sweet, x^^n. tile). An acid
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tically the same gossamer-like state as in Case VIII, with this
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to eliminate all trace of the taint of pauperism from which the
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apices to the conum, and all ranged side by side like columns.
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A preferred provider organization (PPO) is an arrangement in
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tion of the work. In previous reports, existing provisions were
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AA — Products not presenting bioequivalence problems in conventional dosage forms.
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must remove the hospital report from the physician’s
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Madison, Wisconsin 53701 ; or phone (area code 608) 257-6781 ; or toll-free in Wisconsin: 800/362-9080. For list-
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Indications: Effective in all types of insomnia charac-
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substance combined with the green resin also found in elaterium.
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• The followii)<,^ is a list of what lias been j.ublislifd :— P. H. LiiiLT,
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inteimedmte condition. The term is derived from the pultaceou's or
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Acute limb ischemia following aortic reconstruction
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efficacy in chronic affections of the mucous surfaces.
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published in subsequent issues of the Wisconsin Medical
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teriology, for medical students only. Prerequisite: Bacteriology 202. \C Winter, M.,
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1. I being of sound mind, wilfully and voluntarily state my desire that my dying may not be
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temporary existence, as the congestions of small-pox, &c., and that the
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!|^°^ff-^.T,^rPr''!."? ^''^ g'-"^^' original transparent condition.
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tice group in the heart of North Central Wisconsin vacationland.
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status of bylaws as a bilateral agreement. The only
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