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vigrande geciktirici

sections annually. Such appointments shall be subject to the

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Family Practice Physician to share fully equipped medical

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dear: that is, those programs vitally affecting medi-

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Redinalion. -nonowt^c! a nroeess for the detection of the

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ADVERTISEMENTS. The acceptance of advertising in the

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Fudging is both unethical and unconscionably costly.

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while the patient attempts a deep inspiration, the amount of

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to an awareness that the costs of professional lia-

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perceive what was the chief among the parts first affected,

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membership may become affiliated with this Society in one

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MEL. Honey; a substance secreted by the nectariferous glands of

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ciety of Wisconsin, and the American Medical Association.

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tuents is also frequently larger than in the normal fluid. See Hy-

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rates have not been consistently decreased; but with

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Increased Angina: Occasional patients have developed well documented increased frequency du-

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Candidate: Member attending a medical school in Wiscon-

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— An open letter to WiPRO (Wayne J Boulanger, MD): 10-6

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1 Levator palaii mollis. A muscle which arises from the point of

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colic arch. Chalmers suggests that in his case the first occurrence

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tains the following elements presently being imple-

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severe. The author reports a case in which a disulfiram

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practitioner. Opportunity for partnership. Excellent recrea-

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tinued success of the scheme as a whole, not only in the value

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Intravenous Injection in Wound Shock, being the Oliver- Sharpey Lectures

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seeded, superior, dry, indehiscent fruit, with the integuments of the

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that the medical profession in Glasgow and the West of Scotland

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heart valve surgery and he helped direct the heart surgery train-

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MET A'STASlS (utTao-Taons, a being put into a different place).

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Herald that the Secretar}' for Scotland i.s to bring in a separate

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the health of the people, and pledges to the Prime Minister its

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CORTICIN (cortex, bark). An alkaloid said to be found in the

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