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records of these cases have been examined with scruj^ulous care,
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BIXI'N. The red colouring principle of annatto, extracted from
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golf in Scotland, all within 30 minutes of Sarasota. ..and maybe
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ventricular septal defect acquired after an inferior
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brane, shaped like a small test tiibd, with its closed end outwards, and
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3. Hypotension. Decreases in blood pressure associated with
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Whale, M.D., F.R.C.S. London: Bailliere, Tindall & Cox.
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Wanted Board certified or eligible psychiatrist with interest in
&c. Alcoholic excess is a vice, and drunkenness an offence, which
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nature have been subject to challenge in the courts in other states. The validity of Wisconsin’s law, if chal-
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Meconine or Opianyl. A neutral principle found in opium, associated
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striped or smooth muscular fibre is found in the alimentary canal, the
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infrequent!}' this local rash is the only symptom so far as the
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of the air which induces epidemics, or impresses upon epidemic or
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coronary artery disease is the result of lifestyle? (4)
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Wisconsin, Central: One or two emergency physicians sought
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didymitis, conjunctivitis, iritis, retinitis, and arth-
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with x-ray, laboratory in two-man office. Very favorable lease.
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the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow by the chairman of that
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true skin, intermixed with fibro-plastic matter, and named from its
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contained in a numerous family of organic substances, as hutylic alcohol,
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Precautions: ISOPTIN should be given cautiously to patients with
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effluxes — are they normal in appearance, or do they contain
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successive "climates," K\tuaTa, were the spaces and regions between
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Perliaps the most reliable conclusions to be drawn from a
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Mississippi River Valley with a patient drawing area of
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chronic and asymptomatic carrier states. A review of
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Infancy and Childhood, in memory of his father, Leonard Gow,
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you shouldn’t be riding “free” while your colleagues
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CA'UTERY (kuIw, Kav<Tui, to burn). The application of caustics.
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•V'?''^- '"^-^to-tahialis, Chaussier has united the levator
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42 SMS says malpractice costs affect patient care . . .
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preservinar articles of food unchanged for several years
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reasonable and necessary costs of enforcing the par-
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ti>e animal and tl,e vegetable king.lon.s. The term v^o"l< « -
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medal. This excludes those published previous to their presentation to the committee and those that were

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