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William Hamlin Wilder, A.M., M.D., Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology.
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MARCH 1-3, 1985: Wisconsin Psychiatric Association at Lake
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Marshall W Cunningham, MD; N John Yousif, MD; Kevin M Strathy, MD;
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both measurements could omit the antithyroglobulin anti-
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and two nights, vacation in a Bermuda-like atmosphere, play
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mesocolon formed a crescentic structure arching over the spine,
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drachms of alum with a pint of milk, and then straining.
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Panis is brown or bran -bread. Furfurin is a vegetable
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Born in 1859, and a native of (Jlasgow, James Hinslielwood
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submitted for publication, all letters will be subject to the usual editing. Address correspondence to: The Editor, Wisconsin Medical Journal,
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— Membership Directory— Update: 2-31, 3-34, 4-41, 5-58,
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4. Soiiffle, or Bloiving, is a sound resembling that of the air being
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" The Scottish Branch of the Red Cross is far, however, from
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thoracic duct. The term efferent is also applied to the motornerves,
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London about six weeks, being at its height at the end of.
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Case 2. — J. P., ret. 50. Has some cough and spit; slightly
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‘alcoholic, ’ ‘incapacitated by alcohol, ’ ‘or is an in-
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Robert B. Hemphill, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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going; for the authors are concerned only with a full scientific
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into those salts. Hence we have the terms benzo-nitfile, formed from
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disease in military recruits. II. Blocking of serum bactericidal activity
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the term cadaverous or Hippocrativ face, expressive of great exhaustion.
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urgently necessary. The resources of the University, it is
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the physicians of the State of Wisconsin to advance the science and art of medicine and the better health of the people
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Computerized office with x-ray, audiologist, and hearing aid
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vived. This survival rate is likely related to ever-
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pensate people who have been injured or died due to
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kidney or ureter. In other instances the orifice has a punched-
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" In order to achieve the objects set out above the Comniittee
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reaction retains its value only under certain circumstances. By
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Fredrick Wood Jr, MD (1984-1987): 6530 Sheridan Rd,
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is interwoven with the health of armies in the field, and it does
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John Sherman Ashby, S.M., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.
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KA'SSU. A black astringent extract, prepared from the seeds of
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war to proceed with the building of nurses' or doctors' houses,
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.4Mj. (Obstetrics .2Mj.; Gynecology .2Mj.). Culbertson, Kanter, Fox, Allen.

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