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more information contact: Ann Bailey, UW-Extension, Con-
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tion is temporary and is reviewed on an annual basis.
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* Vaccination against scarlet fever and diphtheria is required in advance.
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tineuislicd from dillicidium lacrymarum, whicli consists in an obstacle
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removed by inducing a different one. The practitioner is termed an
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was palpable 4 cm below the right subcostal margin.
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jealousy complex. This suppression, and the fair degree of
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The Soldier's First Aid : A Simple Treatise on How to Treat a Sick or Wounded
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7. Roberts WC, Mason DT, Wright LD: The nondistensible right atrium
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vious external manifestation. Even when the patient
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the approval of the Counselor, courses may be selected from the following: Psychology
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population engaged in munition and allied war industries
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15. Corpus de7itaiztm vel serratum. A yellowish matter which ap-
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of her kind. A curiously indifferent emotional tone now char-
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is making arrangements for the reception of between 70 and 80
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France, has proved of very great value to the many young
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mechanical condition, and hence the term ac/n-c congestion should not
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Pre-existing elevated serum potassium. Hypersensitivity to either
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Norman W. Roome, S.B., M.D., Instructor in Surgery.
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or sfveet B^y Asolid substance is extracted from them, called laurm,
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five admission objectives and six quality objectives,
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this subject may be sought by the student for diverse reasons and with diverse ends in
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rtihus, or blackberry- stain ; the nsfviis flawmciis, the claret or port-wine-
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ghavinffs and raspings are termed rumcnia. See Haitshorn.
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but should the subscription arrive too late for a copy to be
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capacity of the abdomen is increased and the intra-abdominal
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Malbin, Barney Ivan, a, w, sp, Cleveland, Ohio. A.B. (Ohio State U.) '31.
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the War Office, Admiralty, Navy Pay Office, Stamp Office,
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* Vaccination against scarlet fever and diphtheria is required in advance.
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Clinic in Rochester, MN. Doctor Morgan was an associate clin-
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pletely furnished for sale by owner. Never rented. Pristine con-
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papular eruptions with a considerable amount of brown staining.
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the form of house staff, fellows, and nurses). Small
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(our c/iin), the haim yiiigira, perhaps the German Gaamen {ouv gums),
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] 3. Ductus Riviniani. From seven to twenty short ducts by which the
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forms for physicians,” elsewhere in this issue. Related information also is included, particularly reference to

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