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elected : President, Dr. M. Keenan ; vice-president, Dr. R.
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attention to certain localities in India that are free
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of the known facts — not of all. And now that the
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vidual examples as in his Znr Psycho path ologie dcs
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useful chiefly in directing the lines of this group-
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Hygienic Laboratory and directed to report to .\ssis-
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fectly well that the plural of cataplasma is cataplas-
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The "moral suasion," then, of the physician volir.i-
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Until such time where careful study of brains after
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Building of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, 1313 Bedford
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middle ear congestion, the assumption is that if the
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meat, fish, poultry, milk, green vegetables, and fruit,
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ical board of the City Hospital, of New York, mourns the
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scientifically and intelligently these alcoholics be-
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fifth or sixth day of the disease through the phago-
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nificance, however, is the fact that apes treated with
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the invasion is limited to an accessible area. Great
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president of the society, presided. There was a large at-
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streets on September 3d for the foundation of the new
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zvhole numbers, respectively; they were the primary
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able food, and when kept for some time before using
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ome, that the wounds are incurable : nay the very clammy
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48 cases, 6 deaths; scarlet fever, 13 cases, 2 deaths; chick-
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Mr. Maclachlan stated that he had the duty of training pos-
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fifty days: this was increased to 92.3 per cent, after longer
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repeated during several days in succession. It has,
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at this time. (Jbviously it is dependent on the size
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represented the composition of the primitive Trinity.
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to the Department of Health of the City of New York
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time it was given in the same dose by mouth night and
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reducing the hernia, that is, pulling back the fun-
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to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books
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was better for these patients to get out of bed early.
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valuable suggestions and assistance with this work.
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from 29 to 28 per cent. ; polymorphonuclears, from 46 to
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tion into the milder and more or less localized forms
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causing a narrowing of the orifice. The intestines were col-
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both foot and knee. On August 14th the temperature was

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