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Internist, with or without subspecialty, and an OB/GYN
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time our troops under Allenb}' broke the Turkish line north of
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divided, the lesion is called a TO»<!(serf ^t^o^«^<A
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permitted to act on the patient’s behalf. Consent
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TGutta serena. Thii term denotes complete amaurosis, and was
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American Medical Association or of a state medical associa-
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in lichens. It consists in digesting the plant in a weak solution o'f
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of rosin, and one part of bees'-wax; to which, when melted together,
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Cardiologist: Board certified internist-cardiologist
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left atrial pressure monitoring. 1415 Meanwhile, the
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insurance, paid vacation, and educational assistance. Flexible
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1 transmit J of tlie extremities- of the long bones.
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A'QUA POTA'SSjE. The aqueous solution of potassa, prepared
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profession be organised, and how should it be done ? It was
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recent months. The State Medical Society of Wisconsin congratulates these physicians who have distinguished
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nal fistula; it consists in employing a portion of the surrounding parts,

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