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interest, it is lawful for practitioners in these special-

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uncertified deaths all over Scotland was 2 per cent, in the

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cold, or when the muscles are put upon the stretch. °

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Cartidary of Glasgow was a further sign of tlie liigh organisa-

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support of Wisconsin physicians and their families.

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"Marseillaise," and ended with another fanfare, a speech of

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Board of Control in Lunacy, the powers and duties of the High-

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thoracic duct. The term efferent is also applied to the motornerves,

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arisiuij from disease of the Schneideriau membrane, or atonic, occurring

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of the members of Board ought to be registered medical practi-

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by the Cynips Qucrcus folii. A smaller one is called by Reaumur the

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MYELI'tlS ((uufXo's, marrow). Inflammation of the suhslance o:

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This is the first time that the College has received

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through whose good offices 10 orderlies from the Royal Army

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tion in the deltoid. After a short application of petrissage the

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7/1/85. Three progressive hospitals (regional referral center

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which is devoted to Pathology. The examination would thus be taken ordinarily at the

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• Rubella— Red Measles Brochure — This conveniently

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Subjectively there may be some slight irritation of the skin

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requested evaluation, it shall be referred to one or

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to Stone Lake. He also practiced at the Medical Clinic in

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ArSiA air, T.ip.'o.. to hold)). An Artery. The Ancients

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researches on rickets by Findlay and Noel Baton being brought

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2. Vegetable jelly is procured from the recently expressed juices ot

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cal College. The occupants of these positions receive their board and lodging and ac-

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14. Infection and Immunity. — A lecture course. Autumn, Second Term; W., Sat.

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a son, Dan, Tucson, Arizona; a daughter, Mary Ray Pick of

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si'ls, which absorb and convey fluids to the thoracic duct. These are

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been returned, the constriction seen on the anterior wall of the

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Increased Angina: Occasional patients have developed well documented increased frequency du-

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2. The evaluators shall seek to obtain, from the sub-

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initiated the action after a request to do so by the

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stimulus. This term, as indicating a disease, is applied to —

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able distance from the aneurysmal sac, so as to diminish the risk ot

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side, at the level of the last rib and tv:o inches from the sjnne —

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The polymorphous or multiform erythema, at tirst amorphous

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giving it the appearance of shagreen leather. About 4 inches

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