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projects backwards in the human skeleton), foi- the protection of a seg-
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Hotel, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Info: WAFP, 850 Elm Grove
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and appear to serve for the production of the gelatinous tissues Thev
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1. Satisfactory completion of not fewer than 4| courses of graduate grade (including
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tioners on a limited scale, they ought to have a very complete
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through a network of regional and satellite centers.
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ALOPE'KIA UNGUIS. Fall of the nail; an affection in which
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care. Inquiry should be directed to RAPA, 913 Main St, Racine,
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factory. Throughout this period the intern is regarded as a student in the University.
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Se^e 5e " " ' Ā«erebro-spinal, and expectorant remedies.
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graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine in
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To begin the membership process, if your practice is or will
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calculus components Therefore. Dyazide should be used with
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the fruit of which yields an oil closely resembling true anise-oil.
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in Philadelphia and completed his residency at Her-
7. Liquor of Scarpa. A liquor found in the cavities of the labyrinth
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disciplinary action, and (c) the discipline imposed
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influen/a, and a few days later pulmonary symptoms appeared.
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pressure. This kind of consciousness admits of no definite local-
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the swelling is called anchilops, while vet entire, and cBuilops, when
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three cases of cystinuria and one of cystine calculus. This was
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Borneo, and the adjacent countries. wind-pipe. Gula is
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Caution should be exercised when administered to a nursing

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