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Allium cepa is the onion; allium porrujn, the leek; allium ascalo-

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3rd February, on the subject of " Infant Welfare and the Re-

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departments of ancient languages, philosophy, &c., to which the

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M., Tu., W., Th., 11:00; laboratory: Th., F., 1:30-3:30, C. Spring, the first 8 weeks

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Hastings and Portland Island, including the Isle of Wight. The

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1. Hjidro-haloid salts, or combinations of a simple halo'id salt and

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tion is not complete till these fees are paid. After the fifth day (second day in Rush

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ceous iron-ore of Merthyr ; it emits a slightly bituminous odour when

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Pensions. Meanwhile the Red Cross will continue to co-operate

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(2) Reflex. Normally a very large number of these can be

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4. To advise on any other matters which may be referred to

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natin -His, as pleur-^.X inflammation of the pleuiu; n-iU,, inflamma-

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Single Unit Packages (unit-dose) of 100 (intended tor institu-

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than half a year, 10 from one-half to two years, and 11 for

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a case given by Dr. Good, this affection singularly sympathized with

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would require to be made for giving them instruction, and in

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lying upon the true skin, like a callosity, but penetrating into it. What

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and a letter of honorable dismissal. The Director of Admissions evaluates these creden-

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Lusk, William Weis, s, a, w, Madison, S.D. A.B. (U. of South Dakota) '30.

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foods, rich in v-itamines and nutrient salts, are recommended.

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