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ity. This situation is called “joint and several liability.”
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(Phone: 715/387-5511) Copyright 1984 by the State Medical Society of
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and cure of the patient, wlien otherwise one would require to
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tion is temporary and is reviewed on an annual basis.
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anxiety, affliction, shock, and allied emotional stresses, 38 per
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unrest, and we were entering on a time when the suppressed
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the Wilde being immersed into the exciting liquid, or removed from K,
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inserted into the velum palati, which it pulls up, acting at the same
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ployed by physiologists to denote a vital property more or less observ-
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Honour to a Glasgow Graduate. — The Council of the
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gen, originally called peroxide of chlorine. Its present name is perhaps
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Prerequisite: Surgery 303. \ C. Autumn, Spring, Jenkins, Brunschwig, Adams.
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president-elect shall automatically succeed to the office of
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a whole, this organism was the one most frecjuently met with.
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contained within the cortical or cineritious substance . ^
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or pain, generally as applied to gout, as in cleis-a<7ra, gout of the clavicle ;
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Giemsa stain was negative for protozoa. In addition,
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cians dedicated to preserving free choice for patients and rein-
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Dollin, Martin, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. A.B. (Cornell U.) '32.
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EAR-WAX. Cerumen aurium. An emulsive compound secreted
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they are part of the medical record as such, or are
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friction at the top of his left lung. On 12th July noticed a
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Franco, and later to Italy, Spain, and Portugal. For England at
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gauze, invented by Daw for the protection of the miner when sur-
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