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plant, called by some GalUmum officinale, by others 0,>oid,:a!jMam-

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insects of this tribe in one genus, viz. Cynips. See Gullai.

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ill is greater, be^'ond all comparison, than in the case of an}'

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the panifiable properties of wheaten flour. The indications deiiend

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co.?l''uif?Sbl''-rf/''^'")- ■SP--r^'°'-f'^l-^ hence »..rfo..

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IRID-ENCLEI'SIS {Ipi?, the iris, syKXtio., to enclose). An ope-

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of the walrus or sea-horse. All under lOlbs. are called scnveUoes, and

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metologist. Perhaps this is so. On the other hand, I

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Erysipelatous, when diffused, and less disposed to suppurate.

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2. Sacculated Aneurysm consists of a tumor springing from the side of

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status as an independent entity. It does not appear

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pharmaceutically equivalent (those products containing the same active ingredients and identical in strength

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URINARY CYTOLOGY: A twelve-year review (Schuldheisz):

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unfolded, and the alteration of position by torsion, which tends

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Frank Wesley Allin, A.M., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.

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pany had to pay these costs from profits, even a small

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DAY-SIGHT An afl^ection of the vision, in which it is dull and

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like additional information, call Timothy Molyneux or

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peared in the media but for which there is insufficient evidence

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3. In a case of choledochotomy, with free flov.' of bile from the

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section), and it has been found in connexion with the word

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blood reaction never became negative. This is another example

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extracted from the minute cells visihle in the rind of the lemon.

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CALOR (Latin). Heat. Cator fcrvens denotes boiling heat^

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