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participating physicians had an opportunity to prac-
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denoting tooth-ache, the latter a form of articulation.
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to enable them to recognise abnormal conditions in which the}^
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CETY'LIC ALCOHOL. Another name for Elhal, from Us being
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terized by prostration or depression of the vital powers. I'inel
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CO'LCOTHAR. Oandum ferri rulrum. A mixture of red oxide
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when it is of a reddish colour, thick, and viscous, the affection is called
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plied to parts which are about the size of a lentil-seed.
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otherwise called rectus inlernus fern oris, from its straight direction.
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concerned in the secretion and concretion of the bile bee Gall-sloMS.
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febrile disease which in past times has frequently sw'ept as an
responsibility for statements made or opinions expressed by any
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ch}orin?!rrough Dutch liquor, in Liebig s apparatus.
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LForamen c(BCum. The blind Me at the root of the spine of the
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Racine Area Physicians Association, Inc, RAPA, a newly
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would be well advised to go to the local authority and ask to be
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from tea, from guarana — a prepared mass from the fruit of Paullinia
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body, although it must rely on the medical staff and
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and specifically states that it did not affect Greek children.
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upon eac^i otiJ, are covered with cartilage and are '"^
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Cross will co-operate for the same purpose with the Ministry of
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II Y'DIlAGO(JUliS {utiuifi. water, aymyot, expeller). Cathartics
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of insulin(s). Fee: $150; reduced fee of $75 is available for resi-
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renewed importance of the subject. It would be impossible in
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Boris B. Rubenstein, Ph.D., M.D., Assistant in Physiology.
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From funds created by friends of the University loans are made to many students
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Detroit, Michigan. The paper he presented, “Safety
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Dr. Marshall's assistance I opened the abdomen bj'- a mesial
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