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Indiana University and also served for two years in
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In taking this course, however, I should like once more to
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they have taken in this long war and in our common victory. —
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Kenning Meredith Anderson, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics.
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Haft, Stanley Samuel, s, a, w, sp, Red Bank, N.J. A.B. (Rutgers U.) '31.
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oblongata. On making a section of the corpus olivare, an oval medul-
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4 President’s Page: A shining ray of hope, by Timothy
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second letter, v, before consonants; thus, before y, k, and Xi it
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7. Terms of Aspect common to the Head, Neck, Trunk, Extremities,
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CARYO'TA URENS. The Sago-palm of Assam, which yields a
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A'DIPIC ACID (adeps, adipis, fat). An acid obtained by treating
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that the statements cannot be disclosed by the physi-
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MELANOPA'THIA {fxiXa^, nt>^avo^, black, iraBos, disease).
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(2) Reflex. Normally a very large number of these can be
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15. Flogan WJ, Geenen JE, Venu RP, et al: Abnormally rapid phasic
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tory thesis based on independent research and constituting an actual contribution to
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According to him, English women have grown much better
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The income of the Chair is to be £600, and is provided from
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The Medical Society of Milwaukee County, the State Medical
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demobilised and becoming available for service at the infirmary.

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