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Medical Society in 1955 to enable physicians and other friends of the profession to support,
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Continuing Medical Education, University of Wisconsin-Ex-
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in Madison, Wisconsin, has opportunities for additional
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House of Delegates, and their members may be present to
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5. Fulminating platinum. A substance prepared by the action ot
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Education courses at the following rates: 50<c per word, with a minimum charge of $20.00 per listing. BOXED
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of an element or compound that can be associated with others, or trans-
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Author and publishers alike deserve our thanks, and we have
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Roentgenologists: Drs. Cassie Bell Rose, F. B. Squire.
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150 Dr. Leonard Findlay — Rickets: An Historical Note.
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pains, body and joint pains and GU complaints. There
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6. Dacr'yo-cysialgia cacochymia. Inflammation of the lacrimal sac,
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transport services are certain to last for a considerable time. So
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shown a reduction in cardiac index nor consistent negative
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September, but since November, 1911, she had not been able to
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of a broad coalition of groups strongly opposed to the proposal that would have made heroin available
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loot of the Collinsonia Canadensis, or Stone-root, and reputed in-

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