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deflagrating tbe mixture, and afterwards washing it.
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2. Sacculated Aneurysm consists of a tumor springing from the side of
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ANIMAL'CULES (dim. of animaO. Microscopic animals. They
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GUNPOWDER. A mixture of five parts of nitre, one ot sulphur,
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researches owing to milita)y duties or the pressure of work due
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temperature 36 C. Skin showed very slight pallor but
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odour, between that of Tolu and soft liquid ambar, but distinct from
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blood, breath or urine, and the law enforcement agency administering the test is to designate which one shall
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ing a medical practice, there are several important
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personnel records. Upon agreement of the employer and employee, any errors or differences of opinion may
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thoracic duct. The term efferent is also applied to the motornerves,
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People’s Republic of China; Adriano Victor Laudico, MD, FACS, Manila, The Philippines; (Doctor Condon); Sankar Nath Sinha,
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tunities. Unique, attractive financial arrangements. Contact:
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responsibility for statements made or opinions expressed by any
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author. Harvard University "Psychiatry's Responsibilities forthe Future in
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*'gERMINA'TTON (,rrnn.o io hu.l). The growth of the plant
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cines are sold. Hence the terra apothecariiis, an apothecary, a com-
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mission meet regularly in April of each year to consider admission. Applications for ad-
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GA'LVANISiVI. A form of electricity named after Galvani, and
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special medical programs, careful installation, training for
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merchant in London, and the owner of Upton House, a beautiful
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membrane, found in the vitreous humour of the eye of birds.
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GLA'BROU.S (alahe,; smooth). Smooth; havinir a surface
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week’s duration, and (3) no focal suppurative pro-
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France, and similar implements were found. They belonged to
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DELI'RIANTS (rfe/i'ra, to swerve from reason). Medicinal agents
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develop or progress your career in medical administra-

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