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3rd February, on the subject of " Infant Welfare and the Re-

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(3) A physician is not required to communicate any mode of treatment which is not viable or which is

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tunica albu.inea from the posterior borderof the testis into tl?. • f

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the physician-patient contact when treating the el-

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A/phosis ^thiopica is a state of complete albinism occurring in tlie

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the entire amount of his/her charge — $125. The non-

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In taking this course, however, I should like once more to

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metal bougies into the ureter, to be .'c-raycd along with the stone,

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1. To show that there are distinct varieties of "serum disease."

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with more or less severe catarrh, neuralgic pains, or gastro-

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ABDU'CTION (abductio, the act of drawing from). The movement

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or zona ciliaris, the indented -''^^^ °° ^ ^applied to a sutm^

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working, and there seems to be the expected correla-

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woimds. ulcers, &c., as stimulants or emollients.

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stream of medicine in the 1960s was misdirected and

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coming part of a larger corporate structure. They are


would enable the men to carry on their training until tliey

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Internal Medicine. Doctor Singer recently completed

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