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expresses less than fervor, and fervor less than ardor. . ,

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face is paralyzed on the side of the lesion, and the limbs on the opposite

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than eight months before the degree is to be conferred. The examination is given on the

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its possessor a somewhat squinting appearance, and causing the eyes to

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medical society-state government peer review effort.

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of bowel. 'I'hc incidence was 14 in 2,500 cases, a ptM'centage of

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•2. Eau de Cologne. Aqua Colonicnsis, or Cologne water; a perfume,

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discoverer Havers, to a very complicated apparatus of minute can.als

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LONGI'SSIMUS DORSI. Ihis muscle is associated with tlic

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on with mother ; I hated her at times. I went away because of

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A gratuity has also been given to V.A.D. nurses and assistant

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upper sites; the lowest, i.e., the weakest, may lie called an

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tal and must be approved by a department committee. For particulars apply to Clinical

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and 10 women) had been the subject in previous years of one

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more intimate collaboration between the clinician and the

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upon the anterior part of the thalami nervorum opticorum.

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office in Pulaski, Wisconsin, with busy Board-certified family

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pose of assessing trends, heightened surveillance will

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from the Orubanche Virginiana, in combination with white oxide of

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from hencefoi th use to timltiply gold or silver, or use the craft of imilii-

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University of Glasgow: Three New Chairs. — The an-

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2. Erythematous eruptions. A group of eruptions, corresponding

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• Substantially improved malpractice loss or risk

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limited broncho-pneumonia was found, and a moderate degree of

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assure that people who suffer injury or death as the

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the small curvature to the right posterior abdominal wall,

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native vegetable juice, in alcohol or water. Its basis is termed Mtrac-

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