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the internal jugular vein 9 though, occasionally, sub-

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(including such service in the Royal Navy, Regular Army,

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influence his private practice. His reputation carried him

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BLOODY FLUX. Another name for dysentery, from the bloody

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abscesses of the lungs; it is now applied to a collection of pus in

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that thence it invaded Kirkby Lonsdale and Kirkby Steven,

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edition of this useful manual, perhaps, will show a better

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Rome, in the beginning of the seventeenth century, under the title of

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HY^'GRO- (uy^os, moist). This prehx denotes the presence of

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to a very explosive oxi X oTved in water, it yields cro-

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The paste is made of rock-crystal, red lead, pearl-ash, boracic acid, and

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ABSTRACT. Although the use of lasers in dermatology

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four hours is valuable, and can still further be supplemented b)^ the

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M Gryskiewicz, MD; David Atwell, MD; Allen Pois, MD and Sanford M Mackman, MD, Madison

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R.oth, Karl August, s, a, w, Beloit, Wis. A.B. (U. of Wisconsin) '31.

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Quain's Dictionary of Medicine, in its last edition, states that it

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found among the last products of tli« destructive distillation of wood,

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tion is sncreeded by its reappearance in the next. Sec Hereditary

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intake of potassium-rich foods Corrective rrlbasures should be

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of securing a number of specimens of muscle within a few

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Canaveral • Beaches • Golf • Tennis • Swimming • Deep Sea Fishing

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during any part of the last three months before the completion of the

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The following general rules are applicable to advertisements

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BLA'NQUININ. A supposed new alkaloid, discovered in White

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the barrel of a syringe. This expectation would seem to be

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