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and the two crucial iiistances were the outbreaks on the tieets

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without moving patient or phite, but by moving the tube so that a double

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tion and of its nurses and technical staffs with the

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White sUin; a white discoloration of the skin. The disease is also

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He rapidly became afebrile and continued to do well.

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treasurer, sulmiitted the iinancial statement. The Lord Provost,

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heat. Ihe other raodihcation is called meta-terebenthene. Both are

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sh.aped ; narrow, somewhat long, with the two opposite margins parallel,

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House, and he thought the greater part of the profession, were

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asserted that the spirochfete in time increased its resistance to

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and unconscionable,” parents and physicians would not be considered guilty of medical neglect by providing

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in the previous one. the Executive Comn)ittee were fortunate in

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4. Kardiocjmus. A term used by Galen and Sauvages to denote a

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MA'STGID (Mao-Ttis, a breast, tl5oc, likeness). Udder-shaped,

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Ephesius' "Diseases of Women" entitled "Die Gyniiekologie "

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elevated temperatures into elements which are ready to recombine when

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to substitute for any absent delegates from that component

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be confessed tkat we have some difficulty in following the

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graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine in

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that this disease is of very remote origin and not, as believed by

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