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in pottery manufacture in addition to the risks from plumbism the death-

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siderable time that they attain a much greater magnitude. Sometimes

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much diseased. Ulceration and mamelonnement of stomach.

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On opening the abdomen, the first thing that occurred to us worthy

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separated from it before it is added to a Marsh-apparatus, as almost all organic

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retention unless the ligaments be made to yield, and the neck of the

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The muscular sense, sense of position, and stereognostic sense are not

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part. Such a change is well seen in the fingers in Raynaud's disease, and may be

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dead bone. In the past, operations unnecessarily severe have been under-

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all the higher animals to three classes : — (1.) The saccharine — sugar,

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when moist than when dry, and is not peculiar to Graves' disease.

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acid has been added to the conserve of roses to increase its color, and

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per, the observations of a writer who signs himself A. H., of Cberaw,

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the clown, for, let them be magnetized, and they will all be omniscient,

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no nerve is particularised, but a stimulating effect is produced on the system. In

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ment the effect upon the underlying muscles will be deep, and when less pressure

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•and crura met with in children under twelve years of age and the limitation

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loss of heat is, in comparison with the production of heat, relatively dimin-

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It is a hopeless undertaking to set the globe in a retrograde motion ;

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I been any unusual excitement to which his attack could be referred.

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monous erysipelas to the pustule. They are all the effects of a greater

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symptoms in the form of mania or melancholia, and progressive dementia

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scanty if the ulcer is protected, but it becomes purulent even if it be only

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to distinguished individuals in foreign countries, to encourage, by their

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the development of the spinal cord will aid the elucidation of this subject.

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pains. Tl>e next phenomenon worthy of remark was the indication of

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all investigators agree that the toxin is, after death, contained in the

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workroom of the metallic vapour. Until the California mines were opened

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gloves, may suffer from paralysis. Arsenical neuritis affects, as a rule, the

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be produced. In a similar way exomphalos was supposed to be due to the

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the deaths were amotig children at the period we have named. We

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lacsa intestines may often be recogqized by the quantity of flatus evcdved.

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In the srnall intestine the changes are chiefly in the lower part of the ileum,

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by an abundant puriform secretion ; for example, in the blenorrhagic oph-

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between this fluid, which takes place in the lungs, coinciding with the

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