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of uniting bandage on each side of the leg. Then with another roller

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orrhage is usually repeated and frequently profuse causing severe

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sap in them streaked on the back thwart on both sides of

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holds similar views in regard to the herpetic tonsillitis described by

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a firmer hand than usual with the pen very upright

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Skin. Alcohol dilates the peripheral vessels and there

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public advertisement for the purpose of giving a qualification.

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better a cent for instance is excellent for drawing a

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pedic Association will be held at St. Louis Tuesday

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pany should have an op ortunity of seeing the patient in

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Behavioral Sciences Conference st amp th Friday p.m. AHEC South Arkansas

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efforts looking to the common welfare Let me repeat that it is

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between the soft parts and the superior maxilla on each side

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one commune are in the habit of repairing to the other commune or

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of antipyresis and of antipyretics has been most profound and the

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against it are st The smallness of the urethra in boys

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be no larger individually than a millet seed miliary tuber

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bronchi and that of the smaller ones each of which present

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of scybalous masses even though the greatest care was

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with the very important subject of Tuberculosis of Animals

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it may also be primary and much confusion has arisen in the

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apparent particularly to those of you who have watched under

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chest and both have been recognised though this discovery is very

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tion however caused are attended by a pathological multiplication of

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After the administration of acetanilide a complex phenol compound

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e. g. in cases of contracture of the pelvi trochanteric

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much wider appUcation than to amputations and covers

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that method is best which most fully meets them. Free incision

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approaching the immediate subject of his thoughts from

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domen was performed in the case of a Filipino scout

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as preparatory to a more distinct view of this important sub

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pasteboards or wood for the occasion are often unsatis

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ing practitioner for what at first seems to be only a simple

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