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acid and also existing m fumitorp, and in Iceland moss.
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dose There is no information about the effect of renal or hepatic
ARTE'SFAN WELL. A perpendicular perforation or boring into
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Simison, Carl, a, w, sp, Hawley, Minn. S.B. (U. of Missouri) '33.
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Caliyo cornecB. Dimness, cloudiness, or opacity of the cornea.
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parcels, it forms f J ' ^/'tâ„¢ iLetals, from their saffron
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as nitrogen balance and ventilatory status. In spite of
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General Internist willing to do family practice or a three-
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to 6. It is recommended that students take at least 1 course in this work. Prerequisite:
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process. Senate Bill 365 automatically qualifies new
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ozone, consisting of a damp mixture of starch with iodide of potas-
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FERTILISATION (fh-Mis, fertile). The function of the pollen
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FRIESLAND GREEN. The same as Brunswick green ; an am-
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Dun, M.C., M.B.Glasg. (1914), R.A.M.C. ; Captain (acting Lieu-
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properties of an acid by an alkali, or vice versa. See Sal.
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accolade. The Orders were bestowed by General Nourisson.
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ance at necropsies, and by recitations in general pathology. Prerequisite: Histology,
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