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cal College, and in a large majority of cases in which our prescrip-
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The motor functions (staggering gait) appear to have been
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Dr. William Flegenheimer, a graduate find associated with this condition, is very
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place, the merit enjoyed by all subcutaneous sections, of immunity
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Sept. 12. I do not think the prevailing fever less malignant, nor
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cleft — the other, was to complete the whole under one operation.
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the breasts may not be developed beyond stare was not noticed. It certainly was ab-
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half-pints, 100 bottles to case. We call especial attention to our Ginger Ale, made
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" A little method of operation which I have resorted to with
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cases of Yellow fever at the " Savannah Poor House and Hospi-
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cholera the course of the disease is more rapid than in leu-
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child birth with its attending injuries, and midwifery, endeavor to prevent the gyne-
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open, and at the end of ten days she was quite restored to health.
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Stephenson to indicate the particular mode of action of gelse-
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no reaction. At this time she did not eat, was weak and
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hand of help to their fellows when the oc- pay their bills like gentlemen. (Applause.)
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and doctrines, and speaks often of the "nouvelle methode" and
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forty, or even fifty beats in the minute — be given in health, " it
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■ J- , ^ , ^ : , . , ^. ment, there is a corresponding improve-
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He, further, alludes to the probable difference in the action of a
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tion or retention. In atony vomiting is labor usually terminates naturally. In the
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also breathed very heavih'. The animals showed marked disin-
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measure as well ^= in benefit of the condition at any time and under any spe-
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nently illustrative of such an innovation, concomitantly occurring,,
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cline th' subjective introgation." swallowed in their natural condition or
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to distinguish between these two classes of is important to determine how long the
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higher remuneration and less onerous duties in a more eligible
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honest belief that much error is committed spire to bring about that state of the soul
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cular from those above related. The other two, so closely allied
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matter how much the lesions ma}- var}- in different individuals
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whole of the surface that was covered by the crust is sore.
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mesentery and in the neighborhood of the kidneys. The
action of a spur in riding a horse. Sometimes the spur may be
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useful by physicians who are not prepared blood of sheep, goats, cattle, dogs, etc.
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wine, preferably claret, Hungarian Carlowitz, or some of the
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of all the organs of the body that it is doubtful whether the
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tion can be prepared to meet the requirements of such a carnage,
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into the bowel three times a day is highly so cultured an audience. However, my ex-
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Case II. was that of Mrs. W , a hospital patient, w^ho had
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depend upon the vessels of the enlarged uterus. Although not
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what they are doing, because they are ac- best in the world, but do not press the elec-
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