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Pellagrin 110 and part of the time she has kept house herself. She was a

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is best that even slight attacks when these occur suddenly should be

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examination, was still present, but frequently had been so slight that it could

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none of the special preparations have advantages over the official tinc-

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action, and the subnormal temperature, combine to form a clinical

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14. Leven, M. : Maly's Jahresbericht, 1873, i, 115.

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returned home. In the spring of 1894 Pellagrin 805 developed pellagra and

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almost as readily as the rest of the population. The contrast is espe-

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and two, the oldest and the youngest, are living, free from the disease. The

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tress associated with extreme dyspnoea, and the pain, which is such

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petence to close the orifice owing to their withdrawal toward the cir-

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compensation the heart may be felt to throb with, greater force and

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that apparently the muscular tone of the strip is increased. In such

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survived, there was an efficient anastomosis with the tributaries of

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on we see the veins of the upper limb, the median cephalic and median

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an agonizing element of stenocardia, is, if felt at all, only a subordi-

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She was given thirteen doses of salvarsan and twelve intraspinal treatments

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More recently Kobinson 80 has pointed out that a certain number of

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Pellagrin 888, seems to be better established as an actual instance of

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