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addition of similar units." The conditions upon which these should

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parturition ; three from cold ; nine from too early rising after con-

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of inherited specific disease. He, therefore, objects to the term

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carriers. It will thus be seen that from three of the children we

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so severe that patients swallowed with great difficulty, they were

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of the thyroid gland, we may employ this instead of the gland itself:

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adding to the water salt, bicarbonate of soda, or an alkaline mineral

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William F. Peterson who has contributed generously of both time and energy to the

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less, containing 80 per cent, albumoses. [Tankard's analysis estimates

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were positive, the bacillus being found in 18, in 13 of which it was

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His work, and as such He careth for it. The Scripture tract dis-

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tried, but all failed from the restlessness of the patient, and the ex-

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ing on account of the dry air. Examples are: The Riviera (San Remo,

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[Theoretically calcium carbonate influences the relations between the

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feensible and intelligent. 3,20, — In just the same condition ; crawls,

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mostly of the large mononuclear, endothelial-like type, although in

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obtained with different species may vary as much as 300 per cent.

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Even in dilatation of the stomach, provided there is good secretion,

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impacted in the rectum, and that the abscess may secondarily open

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the changes occurring during animal passage and artificial cultiva-

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infect was dependent upon the number of organisms initially present

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the pavilions with their long axis north and south, their wards will

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and cord, just the condition that underlies the sleeplessness. [Com-

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The drug had evidently no effect in retarding the action of the

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first few injections; several died within two or three days. Postmortem examina-

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from the free placental surface, I confess that this case has read me

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Lucas in his learned treatise on Natural Inheritance. No physio-

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oflf for weeks, or months, or years, but still returning, we may be

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form of the disease than in any other. M'Clintock, for example,

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likely that there should be, when we remember that there cannot

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must be spread in a very thin layer and the vacuum produced

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in their explanatory minute. The Council will be borne out by

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BESANgoN ET Labbe. Afch. de med. experiment., 1898, 10, p. 318.

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of clinical experience and upon the researches of Kaufmann and Mohr.

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the loop in order to expel the air. The pipette is charged by bring-

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for their dimensions. These data consist of the extent of air space

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placenta from its uterine attachments, with the view of stopping the

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None of the bats taken here have been infected with trypano-

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disturbance to the physical phenomena of the pulmonary circula-

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Leeches have the advantage over cupping of being applicable to places

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be said that, in mitral lesions especially, haemoptysis may result from a

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