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with a bibliography containing 2,582 references which forms a

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SJoT many years ago there was a complaint in the States that

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Physician to Out-Patients Chelsea Hospital for Women : Assistant

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The second summons was that he did unlawfully, wilfully, and falsely

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flowing on till it strikes the coast of Australia, and there

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given us a well-expressed and very interesting monograph, in

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Papers. — Dr. Pibtersen read a paper on the Etiology of

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as he had previously treated splenic pulp, he obtained from it

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In conclusion, I must bear testimony to the excellence of

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mau of the Police and Sanitary Regulations Committee on Maich

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all over, the gums and inside of mouth were rubbed witli

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practice, the result would have been different had I left the

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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 23 2 and 22 3 per l.uoo

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pital administration to take energetic measures in order to

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were Lord Rayleigh ; Sir John Lubbock, Bart. ; Rt. Hon. T.

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far, that most lesions of the tonsils, and of the larynx also,

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department at St. Bartiiolomew's Hospital, as well as some

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Majesty in the fighting services ; we fear tlie present case

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that it is so. we fail to see how in strictness it can be said

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this year, and signs of activity in the city are noc wanting witli a view of

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board, lodging, etc. Applications to the Secretary by March 28th.

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larged as a means of permanent relief, or, should the age of

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