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patients who are (a) in a position to pay for treatment ; (b)
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MARMOR META'LLICUM. Metallic marble; a designation of
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KATHA'RTICS (/.-ae«pTiKos, fit for cleansing or punlying).
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tant that the employer have employees sign a statement indicating that they have received the prescribed
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Edward Buckman, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary).
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are sins^le nuH ^' V-^" f ^ "W'''"'' P"'"'*' ^^''"ch
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(lance). Skelotyrhe ; Si. Vilnss Dance. Functional derangement of
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from where he /she is to where he /she wants to be.
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scheduling programs in conflict with others. Hospitals, Clinics, Specialty Societies, and Medical Schools are
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ht/rjiis. winter). A reptile state of the functions, which occurs in some
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of action of the somen in the ovum, according to which it was supiiosed
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mesenteric vein was not seen, as the retro-peritoneal tissues were
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B. The following requirements pertinent to clinical
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Wisconsin area bordering Illinois. If interested, send resume to
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^""TKore-tomia (xoM'i, section), iridotomia, or the operation by
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The objection to this method of administration is local pain,
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grave degree of toxaemia, often apparently out of all proportion
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ardous components. Copies of the data sheet are available from the SMS and DILHR. Under the law a
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23rd October, WIS. — Ten days ago there was a sudden stop-
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plastic surgery residency at the University of Wis-
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Associate Surgeons: Drs. Francis H. Straus, Adrian VerBrugghen, Willis J.
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LIPO'MA (XiTTos, fat). The most common form of fatty tumor,
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pulsion to isolate and redefine the elderly is largely
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identity of the Greek \ukos, and the Latin lupus.) _ r ,
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Clin Pharmacol 3:303-326, May 1981 11. Greenblatt DJ
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or their delegates within the district, at which time informa-
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3. Asthma. For humoral asthma, Nice is the best residence; but
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BULl'jM'A (iJov, an intensive particle, from fSovi, an ox, and \i/io?,
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small-business private ventures such as research co-
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The one over the occipital area was associated with permanent
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assistant residencies, and residencies are available in general survey and in the surgical
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the latter denotes phlegmon-like, quite irrespective of the
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recent war, His Majesty has been graciously pleased by royal
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posterior 7iares Mc the posterior apertures of these cavities, communi-
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society shall at all times be permitted to appeal or refer ques-
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BRESLAU FEVER. An epidemic which broke out in the Prus-
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