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affection characterized hj the development of a primary chronic splenic tumor,
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(6) 8y Sequestering and Chelating. In this action,, water Is softened by tying
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(2) Mesophilic Bacteria (Mesophiles), These are medium-temperature-loving .
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other statements, the gyrus fornicatus is said to be the center for pain
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of the absence of paresis. In many cases with slight ataxia and marked hyper-
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atrophic spinal paralysis, just described, occurred only in children, later ob-
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color often changes ahortly< after death; color cannot be utilized as an
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that serve as haurds to personoti; two liwii «iaRpl» are lazirs*
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in some cases of hemorrhage into the cervical cord, in particular, Minor has
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^enosits tne heavier particles of dirt and white olood cells jn tne vvall of tne bowl ■
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, mese cheeses is such that they have a very short shelf life.
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be reason to suppose that the candidate will be able to pass the University
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eratfmai ratfoM Mi tfttfr Intended tt$t. Olscuss deteriorative changes
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or perhaps even sea bathing cautiously employed. In more advanced cases,
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served in severe cases of diabetes, and especially in coma. The cause of this
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sional examinations number seven in all. The fees for examinations,
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three months; Practical Chemistry and Metallurgy— one course of
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hypersemic treatment for severe pains, apparently with good results. Some
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SeholaTahipB, Ae. — Boger Lyon Janes Sdholarahi^ : This is of the Talnd
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percental of the nutrltlentl regulreaents of the Arraed Forces-^adi day: protein, 13
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in cerebellar disease ("cerebellar ataxia" with ataxia of the legs and trunk),
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by one or other of the various methods to the particulars of which this
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either at the Infirmary or the Public Hospital. The /ee« are : Greneral
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inspection of waterfoods* With this icnowledge» you should be ahl^ to
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tional fee, and are held in succession, so as to secure a complete system
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embolism occasions in the region directly affected and in its neighborhood.
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series of vertebrata; respective functions of those centres; modes
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German — Schiller's Wilhelm Tell; (4) Higher Mathematics — ^Euclid,
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