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Medicine; and University of Wisconsin-Extension Department
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1. Asariie. A volatile oily matter, obtained from asarabacca root
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8. Bi-dentate (dens, a tooth). Two-toothed, as applied to the fruit
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4 IheJ/aric («, priv., Ta'c.s, order), or irregular fever, in which
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riNF?r°T V l'pvfer;!^^^ of fihro-cellul^r tissue^ '°
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pitals who had been providing free care to the poor;
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To register or for additional information contact the
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of the Royal Faculty of Phj'sicians and Surgeons by its
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question of industrial diseases to which workers in this industry
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MENI'SCUS {tirjvl<rKov, dim. of n^vi], a crescent, Lat. lunula).
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Cartidary of Glasgow was a further sign of tlie liigh organisa-
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medical staff applicant’s qualifications or the priv-
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extraordinary frequency of the respirations, with perfectly healthy
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The question of housing was discussed, and the urgent
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EXANGI'A (t^, out, ayytioir, a vessel). A term sometimes
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faucium, from its origin in the tongue, and insertion into the uvula.
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tennis). The repercussion or falling back of the fa-tus, after being
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NO'DULUS (dim. of nidus, a knot). A little knot- n ln>,nl»
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of bracts exteiior to he ealvx, as in many composite plants.
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leagues. Fifty-seven and one-half percent (57.5%) of
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garden of Europe. It is a pity that the presence of the Belgian
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Yo.^'Membra»a fusca. Ati extremely fine areolar tissue connecting
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of snlphiir with alkalies, from their ^fyer-like appearance, as liver ol
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gressive, family-oriented city of 50,000 in the beautiful
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healthy living muscle in the parts distal to the latter. The
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and the new Hyatt Regency as the headquarters hotel
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(a) Participating in the withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures under this chapter.

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