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tinue for years, and if a person leads a quiet life, he may never know

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Fagge and other English authorities recommend venesection for relief of

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sucli preparations can be stained with a contrast stain, as a water solution of

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the bile passages are frequent accompaniments of gall-stones ; and pul-

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organisms. Tn some cases, empyema is the result of the activity of the

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sideration of the localities best suited to phthisical patients in this and

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]Vaxij liver is accompanied hy a history of syphilis, prolonged suppura-

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will often have to be scooped out with the finger or rectal scoop. If

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brane of the mouth is dry and shining; the complexion is sallow and there

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ance in the nutritive processes, the persistent use of alkaline waters will be

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Hematocle of the Scrotum. — Effusions of blood within the scrotum

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and friable, being broken down as easily as coagulated blood. "When a

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tion of pus, therefore a rupture into any such cavity is likely to be rap-

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perature will gradually rise to 104^-105°, iinlike the sudden rise of lobar

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The vomiting is not stercoraceous. The invaginated bowel

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tion may be from bony displacements. These will be at once recognized

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the general condition of the patient ; under such conditions the patient is

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twenty years ago the great desideratum was thought to be a warm, dry

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sudden. Dyspnoea, more or less marked, is present in both active and

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they can be given without fear of injury in nearly every case. It is claimed

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thirty-six hours, and at times for three or four days, with intermissions

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The operative treatment consists in cystotomy, either above the

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localized hypertrophies. They are benign, and secondary changes are

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allel to the fasciculi of the heart fibres — it may be partial at first, and

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of a ligature or because the clot has been washed out of the mouth

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of the disease are pain, more or less

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cavity without the least danger, whether the needle enter a pleuritic effusion,

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Bronchitis ; (4) Fibrinous or Plastic Bronchitis ; and (5) Bronchiectasis.

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arterial wall. For a full discussion of the osteopathic methods of

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it is not present until an hour or so after eating. It is circumscribed to a

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Teth and 24th daj^ foUotved the administration of sulphuric ether. Falls of a degree and a de.^aee and

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simultaneous occurrence on both sides in connection with general dropsy,

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I. Inflammation, either catarrlial or memlranous, including Stricture

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color as the sub-epithelial mucous and sub-mucous coats become succes-

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