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sisting in a separation of the internal from the external condyle of

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case. I may, however, observe, that the difficulty in

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tinues to flow off equally with the stream of water.) Messrs.

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Application of an OrthopcedAc Apparatus. Restoration

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set up, at least partly causes its diminution of size.

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to the lower surfaces and about one-half of the inner

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tion of the country, and being composed of the elite

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present at the operation, was so violently affected by

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the by, a proof that death is not caused by the inability of

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felt; also at jjoints which are not immediately touched. The

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dates, is C900 ; not fiOdO, as was stated iu this Journal. The

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ferred to the distinction Dr. Anderson had attained

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turning a corner, finds himself suddenly transfeiTed

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blood is withdrawn, it will be seen that the redness

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lar structiu-e. The disease will generally be found to

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with the entire provincial press, have been made the

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• and attention dm-ing the many years he attended in

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the membranes, and ascertaining whether this would arrest

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palpebrffi muscle, supplied by the third nerve, as evidenced

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jiut forth for controversial jiur^wses l)oth by him and

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tention -where it is, is that it offers a receptacle

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greater amount of cai-bonic acid was present in the

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pressing up the intestine with the finger and thumb

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soon after admission, and did not reciu-. Pulse 96,

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possible, in cooperation with uterine contraction. If

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pital, under whose care he was, men of great ability

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