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Elmer William Hagens, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Laryngology and Otolo-

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and he could then digest it and decide. He (Sir W. Cheyne)

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external face of the derma of the skin, in which case it constitutes the

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or intoxicant passes, or, make appropriate contacts

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of the Evbalium Officinarum of Richard, the Momordica Elaterium, or

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the cough and spit for the time being. About 5 oz. of pus were

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2. The presence of an organism, particularly in the severe and

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Society of Wisconsin organized to provide more and better benefits

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iieat by tlie quantity of ire' wliich a body liquefies; 2, by calculating

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16. Tliis term is also applied to numerous little holes {crihrosa fora-


consin, Box 1 109, Madison, Wis 53701. Local telephone:

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whether by chance or design. However the name wjis given

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^'''m AMMA The breast ; the organ which secretes the milk. The

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tional Health Service Corporation in Arcadia Valley,

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garded essentially correct for I have given both possibilities

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evidence of irritation, as well as an alteration in the character

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various species of Anemone. With bases it yields anemonic acid.

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that British-grown lavender is worth at least four times as much

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use of the method. In this connection it may not be inappro-

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Allen MD, Shader Rl: Clin Pharmacol Ther 27:355-361,

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1. The Four-Year Certificate. — This certificate, which qualifies the holder for service

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may evince themselves by a sudden discharge of pus:'' this is

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ber of a team responsible for the care of patients and for the investigation of disease. In

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tion granted by another state to practice medicine and

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proper should continue to be dealt with bj^ the Insurance Com-

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Shock inevitably bulks largely in the n)ind of the front line

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abruptly inwards, and the external face of these margins applied to each

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