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tion of the causation and etiology of disease. While not
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Cunningham, MD Memorial Lecture for public health, the Elvehjem Memorial Lecture for
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but there was no fluid to apply to the lowest puncture (No. 1).
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tion. It is because of this attribute that the Y.M.C.A. has been
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under its control, great responsibility will fall on local Health
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of Biological Sciences; Chairman of the Department of Hygiene and Bacteriology.
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' CEREA'LIA (feasts dedicated to Ceres). All sorts of corn, of which
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in expanding urgent care center network. Full-time and some
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four years. I found tliat his knee-jerks and pupil reflexes \vere
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tients and the general public to the realities of surg-
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The book will be read with much profit by bacteriologists,
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to EPG, 430 Milwaukee Ave, Prairie View, IL 60069, 312/
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DECOItTlCA'TION (rfe, from, cortex, bark). The removal or
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It is obviously impossible to secure a complete statistical
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and Dr. Conner was in extremis. For a time there was
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tetanus, streptococcal infection, &;c., it was found that " serum
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pitals of the United States for advertising, especially
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are found at Engliien, Aix-la-Chapelle, Harrogate, and Moffat.
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Ajerm applied to hypertrophy of the mammary gQ:oJ;u,5„7'>
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(b) Rellcx. A very large number of these may ensue ;
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spring. The districts of England may he divided into —
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powers to substitute their discretion for that of a
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into areas of problem-solving, written language, task
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Juga in umhelliferous plants. The \.evm jiiga also signifies ridges,
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11. Antimonic Acid. An acid, sometimes called peroxide of anti-
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of an instrument for excising the tonsils, in cases of enlargement.
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reference to its wriggling motion). Vermis. A worm.
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digenous Composite plant. Inulin is a variety of starch, obtained from
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A'LKANET. The name of the Anclnisa tinctoria, a species of
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Nor can we follow him in his opinion that in the great
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on the apiilication of the common balance and weights, to estimate the
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legitimate professional practice, or as otherwise pro-
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accomplished on behalf of limbless sailors and soldiers was
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HY'PER (uirip, over or above). This prefix is a Greek preposition,
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AQUEOUS HUMOR (aqua, water). The fluid which fills the
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requires weighing anticipated benefits against possible hazards,
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toneum at the posterior part of the ca:cuni, occurring occasionally only.
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