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1. Cirlmn fapor. The name of a /(//;wMe(!/cu/ substance, for carbon
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medicine at the University of Glasgow, Colonel Coats graduated
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and machine-gun fire, he went himself and dressed them in the
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Pensions, he understood, had adopted it as a standard. During
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[CO'MA] KOMA (iculjua, drowsiness, from /cttu, to lie). Drowsi-
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nurses employed by the War Office. They are to get £10 for
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The Sydney Walker III Scholarship in Physiology, established by Dr. Sydney
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auscultation to employ a large wooden stethoscope measuring
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of mercury and 36 of silver, out of 100 parts. This is the only native
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2. D<nd)le. pulsation of the heart of the faslus. A tolerably exact idea
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2. Sult-anwlmoidian fluid. A serous secretion, which fills all the
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highly progressive hospital in small Wisconsin city. New spacious
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somal antibodies by the tanned red cell hemagglutination technique; its
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that each piece of a whorl overlaps its neighbour by one margin, and is
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the blood elfused from a wounded artery passes into a neighbouring
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it is very difficult to place much value upon findings unless
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and urban shopping complex in the Upper Midwest. Which
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Sec. 3. The officers of each section shall be elected by and
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fer^from tL Re.in<e of the London Pha^^-P-^" ^ -
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hibit will most enhance the recovery of the patient
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of officers, and management, not inconsistent with the
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11. Gastro-periodijnia (TrEptoSoi, a period). Periodical pam ot the
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driving). Potential impairment of performance of such
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term for a small flaw of the skin, near the finger-nail, occasioning
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determination on the basis of the evidence received
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Marshall R. Bascomb, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.
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openings present in the thin zone of mesocolic tissues in Case
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Jl ^^EP.OI^E. A species of coral ; a zoophyte, consistincr of
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numbered 224, namely, 104 male and 120 female. Deducting
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"2. IIor?i-(]mckyilver. A natural protochloride of quicksilver; it has

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