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vention in San Diego in April 1982. That met one of

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Into whatever houses I enter I will go into them for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from

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distinctive Cross Pens for Physicians at reduced price of $33.50 each,

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the barrel of a syringe. This expectation would seem to be

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rr/uiffia, &e. Tbe Greek terms yvdtio^ and yt'i/Eioi/, tlie Latin f/e7ia

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incap^xtility of sexual interLurse, from organic, funct.onal, or moral

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Joseph Almarin Capps, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1919. (12s. 6d. net.)

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Registration deadline is Sept 5, 1984. Category 1 CME is avail-

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by M. Hall, foi' ascertaining the changes in the temperature of the

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GA'NJAH. The dried Hemp-plant, which has flowered, and from

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'''Tl^::^rl^^i o.nj.,nunaiis. Solution of corrosive sublimate.

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INNA'TE (innalus, inborn). Growing upon any thing by one end,

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Adolescents and Collaborative Marital Therapy. Send resume to

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6. Neurine {viipivo^, made of sinews or fibres). Another name for

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rendered nnduly liquid, or substituted for an R; as when delusive is

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— American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine: 12-53

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salt, obtained by mixing equal parts of the phosphates of soda and of

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slightly or partially organized, as sugar, starch, &c.

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administrative rules regarding communicable diseases. The rules merge all communicable disease regulations

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metals were tortured by the alchemists, to force them to become like

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be secreting urine actively, the function of its neighbour may be

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rising, in proportion as the liquid in which it floats is heavier or lighter;

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MU'RIFOKM {imirus, a wal],/brma, likeness). Wall-like ; applied

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LANGUAGE. A term in phrenology, indicative of the faculty

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protracted fever; but, more generally, as an adjective, in conjunction

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potter's earth ; the earth of clay, called in chemistry alumina, from'its

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occurs, to a certain extent, in the union of metals by fusion.

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CO'MPOUND A'TOM. An atom formed by the union of two

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