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income of thousands a year it is unwilling to expend
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none, of course, so deeply gratif\-ing as those which
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them fit, especially if they can get them once well
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great act of injustice both to itself and oiu* army
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tintil It IS found that this is not the case, half the weight of Dr.
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cal examination of cases in the Eadcliffe Infirmary,
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registered practitiouei's should have a double quahfi-
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of the brain are various and widely different. What-
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self committed a great error. He attempts to convict
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these features of the pain shew that the seat of it
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pedestal on which this slab or colnmn rests, and in front of the
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a collected account of himself and what he had done,
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CuKNiNOHAii, Chas. L., Esq., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Liverpool.
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