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The voung man's decision to become a surgeon evoked no

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of Wisconsin challenging the constitutionality of the

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deaths must be reported immediately to the sheriff,

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applied to the combinations of sulphur with alkalies, from their lirer-

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continuous for 20 years, it was particularly active

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Knute Axel Reuterskiold, Ph.D., M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine.

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so it must have infected the whole island in about an hour, and

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omentum and also out to the spleen, but not down in front of the

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form ot tlic French term for raspberry, ai)plied to the disease called

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called culttim. Tlie term cervix is also applied to the ueck of the

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Drs. Bushnell B. Cary, M.C. Darling, Lucius L. Barber, Oliver E. Strong, Edward McSherry, E.W. Wolcott,

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with that ot an equal volume of pure water at 60° Fahr.

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/. Dys-kmesia (Sv<TKw„^ia, difficulty of moving, from Kiviu, to

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pitals, and the public’s perception of the functions

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imposed on physicians but this information does not

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to reaction to pain than patients of northern Euro-

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with sick sinus syndrome, diltiazem significantly prolongs sinus

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1876. The amendment was negatived, and the clause was

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ANABLE'PSIS (dvit^Kiirw, to see again). Restoration of

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Parliamentarian: Mrs Robert E Johnston, 3825 Waubenoor

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stances. Smiar-cw.dy, or candied sugar, is merely sugar rendered very

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tive of the Association was able to make it clear that there

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commencing at the occiput, and winding in a Hue not exceeding t\m

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sioned officers. One important benefit of being an officer

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Belgium, in Italy, Egypt, and Palestine, ainong the mountains of

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was the only thyroid antibody detected in 2 of 36 (5%)

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Medical Society in which your principal place of practice is

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general for administrative negligence, and a physician

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technique of gas analysis as applied to liquids and gases. Spring, Hastings.

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