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removed, and the whole joint being thus laid open and found to

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far exceed those of the torrid zone in voraciousness ; and both

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the compensations of Providence reserve for starving men alone."

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vary also, then the reason and the cause of this selecting and

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to say that my subjects will necessarily be desultory ; but I will

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presentation of the pelvic extremity. Then the shoulder descends

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on this subject, which appear to have been made entirely indepen-

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urine, and I was swelled at times across the lower part of my

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themselves on the lilacs, and the < to show slight signs

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Injections. — The wise man said, " There is nothing new under the sun,"

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Observation, ) thought that bleeding was a much more prominent symptom

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perature of the blood, and found that arterial blood is from

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plies of those indigenous varieties found valuable, can be indefinitely

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as the first half of the second century, and by numberless other surgeons

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fully stretching the muscle, with the intention of relaxing each

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injured eye, and when there is no sign of sympathetic

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sound of persons whispering in the room, brought with it the belief that

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with which the skin and soft tissues over the crico-

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the measures lie proposes to adopt, lest, by possibility, they

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dion 30 parts. It is to be applied with a small brush, and desiccation takes

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Medicine Chests in Mahogany. Black "Wahmt. and Pine Woods, in assorted sizes,

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over the centre, and dissecting it out with the sac. The wound

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tion is to excite the uterine efforts. But to excite the cervix uteri

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pain, though, of course, with a very great halt in his gait, and

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removal ; while in the other, a myeloid tumor of the neck, similar deposits

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A gentleman, living near Redwood city, had suffered for several weeks

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4th. Upon the Diseases of the Spinal Marrow. Dr. C. B. Nottingham.

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Gonorrhceal ophthalmia is a very grave affection, when it is not

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" M. Bouillaud, who has studied this physiological phenomenon during

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show, that this manifestation of force becomes so defective,

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difficult to say whether the best or worst proclivities of our nature are of-

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