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Campaign of 1871 and the Two Mibanzai Expeditiojis of

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parturition to spasmodic dysmenorrlKea, the great obste-

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obtains advancement to the rank of Surgeon-Colonel in consequence of

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Thursday May 2.ith, at 2.45 P.M., Mr. T. Whitehead Reid in the chair. The

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with great facility. " This fact,' he adds "has led Dr. Cun-

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similar rashes may occur in the third week of typhoid fever.

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The charge Jor inserting annomieemenis of Births, Marriages, and Deaths is

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would be justified in seizing such a carcass exposed Eorsale or deposited

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which he emphasised the fact that where symptoms of tor-

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on April 26th, Mr. Victor Horsley, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., was

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Byles, 3. B., University College. .Tackson, T. S., Guy's.

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terferes with the transport of manufactured goods, textile or

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the coroner. The meeting place of " the court " is usually a

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cannot be accepted as constituting simplification. A recent

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North of Ekglakd Bhanch.— .\ meeting of this Branch will be held

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Lancasliire Artillery, John' M. M. Thomas, 2nd Gloucestershire (the

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Arthur Davies, m.B., Swansea, Honorary Secretaries.

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the well-known care with which these reports are made the

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persons, according as they are (1) vaccinated once in infancy,

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in its various aspects, as regards vaccination of patients,

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operation than the an:csthetic. I commenced the adminis-

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St. Giles, Shoreditch, and Whilechapel sanitary districts. No fewer than

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but on pelvic examination the os uteri was closed, the uterus

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involved, diarrhrea had been a cousijicuous symptom.

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the secondary coil consisted of two perfectly clean platinum

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honour of being the first of its kind written in the English

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Officer ot Health for the Kingsbridge Rural Sanitary District.

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You will often read in books that when a woman has after pains there

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trously on the administrative especially, but also on all ranks of the

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West Ham, and I in Preston. Five fatal cases of small-pos were recorded

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most of the cases where it had been performed, suspicion had

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found diffused in the plasma and the filaris either all out of

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fectious cases, school hygiene, and the inspection of food. In

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