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volunteer any remarks. Skin rather dry and rough, faint diffuse, brownish

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practically the same as those upon which ordinary colorimetry is based.

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time that the small intestines had been replaced the boy had become very

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endogenous uric acid in urine ffom March 25 to 29 ranged from 0.12 to

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Papin, E. La pyelographie. [Pyelography.] Rapports du Premier Congres cle

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well after operation, but in whom no thrombosis or embolism could be

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formed during a comparatively late period of the lytic process. Repeated

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no practical data as to radiation at all. Furthermore, on looking through

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para-thyroidectomy. While, however, tetany is relieved by the administra-

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opposite leg cleared up the same evening, but paralysis of arm on same side

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tissue, appearance and texture of the skin, and scantiness of hair resembled

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in aerogenous tuberculosis of the lung Avith walling off and casea-

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sis in inflammatory processes.] Haematologica, 1920, 1, 33.

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Wessel's operation, a gigantic Hagedorn's needle is required when the

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Hardenbergh reports a case of myxoedema which in the long duration

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tracheal injections of iodoform. In addition she received general dietetic

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even fatal complications, including renal disease, myocardial changes, and

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very readily from our belief in its value, as it has been pronounced by competent

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of brain abscess (4 cases), status lymphaticus, acute encephalitis (2 cases), brain

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chlorphthalein and had established the normal excretion in dogs

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which occurred among 967 medical admissions to the University

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tion of the virus of foot and mouth disease in the cold. J Gompt. rend. Acad.

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of the catheter, nor my attendance any longer. He tarried in

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more or less elevation of temperature occurring from time to time,

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We have said the ultimate object. We willingly anticipate

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formed in the 0-1 per cent, of glucose and being volatilized might leave the

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confidence in the ability of the patient to reveal himself, to his

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sure or to the action of horse serum and ether jjer se, but that they

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42 per cent. The patient left the hospital some time after the blood was

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The studies on which the present paper is based are a continu-

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monia are of several types, each from an immunological standpoint

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