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lungs by means of the blood stream. In the forms we are now about to
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of instruction given to the higher years in Medicine to any one who cares
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And of equal importance to the study of normal embryos is that of such as
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forms. Of these, by far the most common is lupus vulgaris. The other
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tion is gone off, perhaps gentle friClion may contri-
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r. 7 1 -, , '',""' to ouu mil ion. Admmistrations should be made at
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enterostomy, colostomy, resection of the tubes and ovaries and
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If the latter be the case, there is a return of fever, usually of a remit-
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returns to a normal level. The patient enjoys his food, feels
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In addition there are certain other borderline groups in which one
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circumstances should oiled silk be wound about the dressings before the bandage
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known. Yirchow promulgated the theory that a chronic ulcer was

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